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Dutch parliament narrowly rejects motion for support to Afrikaners

South Africa

Compiled by: J. Mare

Afrikaner reaction to the result of the motion

Joy and elation came in the wake of the result,  as the news of the motion reached South Africa.

Not one  Afrikaner group lamented the rejection of the motion – instead, disbelief and shock registered when they realized that a well-respected member of the international community, noted their suffering and was prepared to speak up against the ANC.

Afrikaners expressed their  gratitude towards those Dutch MP’s who tabled and supported the motion,  in various support groups for Afrikaners on the social network website – facebook.

It seems like a new spirit of hope has taken root, and with this renewed hope,  many Afrikaners are beginning to feel positive about the future.

Dutch parliament narrowly rejects motion for support to Afrikaners

Yesterday the Dutch parliament narrowly rejected a motion to support the Afrikaner population of  South Africa.

The reasons for tabling the motion were given as follows:

The Chamber, noting that South Africa is struggling with stubborn forms of discrimination and a great many serious violent crimes, among which are racist-violence also against Afrikaners; and that great concerns exist about fundamental constitutional rights such as press freedom; considering that the Netherlands in the past has assisted the South African authorities with judiciary knowledge and -expertise in regards to the protection of human rights, the combating of violence and discrimination, as well as respecting basic rights; requests the government to examine how the Netherlands, and whereever possible in international cooperation in regards to the prevention, tracking down, judiciary support and expertise, could provide a contribution to combating discrimination and racist crimes of violence also towards the Afrikaners – and how at the same time they could contribute to guarantee baisc rights such as press-freedom in South Africa – submitted by Kees van der Staaij.
Source: Censorbugbear Reports

The motion was rejected by 12 votes – (80 votes against, and 68 for).

“While the motion failed to pass – this time around — this first-ever debate concerning the plight of the Afrikaners in the Dutch House of Representatives also indicates that there are a surprisingly large number of Dutch politicians who clearly are very aware and obviously worried about the plight of the besieged Afrikaners in South Africa.

This is also an sign that world opinion –  about Afrikaners as the hated Apartheid oppressor – is changing, due to the policies of the ANC regime.

It seems like the governing party of South Africa will not necessarily be able to rely on future support from the Netherlands. This motion is a wake-up call for the  ANC and should be interpreted as a real concern for future  international relations.

The tide is turning and the international community is taking note that the ‘previously disadvantaged’ is now in danger of being labeled ‘aggressors’ and ‘human rights’ abusers. There is also the real possibility that this regime may become international outcasts like the previous one.

What follows is a copy of the original motion in Dutch

De tekst van de motie luidt:

GEWIJZIGDE Motie van het lid Van der Staaij (SGP)

De Kamer,

Gehoord de beraadslaging,

Constaterende, dat Zuid-Afrika kampt met hardnekkige vormen van discriminatie en vele ernstige geweldsmisdrijven, waaronder racistisch geweld, mede jegens Afrikaners, maar ook grote zorgen bestaan over elementaire grondrechten, zoals de persvrijheid;

Overwegende, dat Nederland in het verleden de Zuid-Afrikaanse overheid met juridische kennis en expertise heeft bijgestaan ten aanzien van de bescherming van mensenrechten, het tegengaan van geweld en discriminatie, alsmede het respecteren van grondrechten;

Verzoekt de regering te bezien hoe Nederland en waar mogelijk in internationaal verband op het gebied van onder meer preventie, opsporing, justitiële ondersteuning en expertise een bijdrage kunnen verlenen aan het bestrijden van discriminatie en (racistische) geweldsmisdrijven, mede jegens de Afrikaners, en tevens kunnen bijdragen aan het borgen van grondrechten, zoals de persvrijheid, in Zuid-Afrika

En gaat over tot de orde van de dag.
Source: – (Pro Afrikaanse Aksie Groep) – Nederlandse parlement verwerp Afrikanermosie net-net


Dutch parliament narrowly rejects motion for support to Afrikaners.


7 comments on “Dutch parliament narrowly rejects motion for support to Afrikaners

  1. Outannie
    October 29, 2012

    WAt ‘n teleurstelling, al hierdie mense kyk maar net na hulle eie burgers, ons moes dit ook gedoen het.

  2. Sbhennops
    October 29, 2012

    Please keep trying, thousand of people depend on you and your country to lead the way in the protection of a people and a culture. Thank you for your efforts to date.

  3. Abel Malan
    October 30, 2012

    It is a very positive sign. For a first ever, it came out tremendously positive. For the Dutch to vote almost 50% for action, shows that there are major concerns about the whole situation in South Africa. Thank you our Lord and Sheppard!!
    Abel Malan.

  4. eddie bantjes
    October 30, 2012

    Thanking you for seeing whats going on here.

  5. Lourens Campher
    November 1, 2012

    Hopefully the Dutch and the whole of Europe will move from their liberal attitude and become moderates who will do something positive about the racists ANC government who says one thing but does another thing on the ground like all the murders.on our people then saying it is robbery. The tide is starting to turn against the ruling party and the DA as they too say or do nothing about all these murders on our people. The moderates not the left [liberals] right [conservatives] will sort out this genocide in this country, but be ready moderates are not walk overs as we see the people running the western countries to-day.

  6. Werner Pienaar
    November 1, 2012

    We are grateful to all in the Dutch parliament who was man enough to take a stand for South Africa’s situation. I just feel that in the light of +- 60 000 “boers” that was murdered since 1994, and other human right violations by the Anc government, this must be seen in a much more serious light. Most of these murders can directly be linked to political leaders, including president Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema’s racist songs, calling on supporters to take automatic rifles, and to kill the boers. Please, get the discussion back on track. Everyday waisted, new innocent families are subjected to these brutal murders.

  7. Myburg
    July 31, 2013

    Was this the last time we raised the issue with the Dutch ? 2013 now, maybe its time to bring it ot their attention again.

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