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The integrity of THE peace agreement of the century is now at stake

Opening ceremony of CODESA 1, World Trade Centre, 1991. Photograph by Graeme Williams

While the world hailed the peace agreement between the ANC and the apartheid government as a yardstick to measure all future peace negotiations on, twenty years down the line, this very same peace agreement has proven to be void of integrity.

a black Traffic cop assaulted a White woman outside the hospital when she was on her way to see her father who was dying – and who actually died while she was being manhandled outside the building.

Not only is the European minority facing genocide and excluded from the economic sector but their cultural survival under threat. The communist elements within the ANC are now prominent and showing their true power in the ruling party’s ranks.  It is however ironic that the very same organization that is supposed to serve and protect all of South Africa’s citizens, the driving force behind members of the South African Police, are now proposing the removal of the two languages in the National Anthem that represents the European minority.  This, while the national anthem is supposed to capture a sense of the nation and embrace the different languages and cultures. By removing English and Afrikaans from the National Anthem, the ANC regime will confirm their unabated attack and intent to destroy the European Minority.  Cosatu mulls English, Afrikaans bits of anthem.

This will require a constitutional amendment to a constitution that followed the peace negotiations “to bring about an undivided South Africa with one nation sharing a common citizenship, patriotism and loyalty, pursuing amidst our diversity, freedom, equality and security for all irrespective of race, colour, sex or creed; a country free from apartheid or any other form of discrimination or domination”, as set out in the Codesa Declaration of intent.

The European minority now comprises 9% (22% in the 1940s) of the population in South Africa and since 1992 has been subject to a sustained and coordinated campaign of brutal and economic reprisals and destruction which extends beyond working strategies of wealth redistribution or the empowerment of the African majority.

This minority group is subject to genocide which the United Nations defines as, “The deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group “. There are detailed examples of actions taken by the South African government that meet all criteria below, notwithstanding that any of  the below criteria should be met to meet the definition of genocide.

  1.   Killing members of the group; or
  2.   Causing serious bodily or mental harm to the group; or
  3.   Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; or
  4.   Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; or
  5.   Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Every day, one or more  members of the European Minority is brutally murdered, tortured or raped. The majority of crimes perpetuated by the African majority against the European minority are home invasions which can last for hours and carjackings. The degree of violence, rape and torture perpetrated against both farming and urban communities of the European minority Group is heinous and unlike anything witnessed in respect of other ethnic Groups in South Africa and resemble wartime patterns.

The South African government reneges on its duty to protect its minority citizens from genocide, crimes against humanity which are often perpetuated by non state armed groups. The government has ignored recommendations by Human Rights Organizations, and no longer reports incidents crime according to race or ethnic group.

The South African Government denies genocide and merely classifies the murders and brutalization as crime, which every one of all ethnic groups is ‘subjected to”.  However, it is the contention of the European community that they suffer a higher rate of crime that is often more violent when compared to the remaining groups in South Africa.

The State continues to respond with the argument that the motive for home invasions is robbery and they justify this by assertions that items were almost always taken. A review of intent reveals the true substance of these crimes: The sheer brutalization and torture of the victims as well as the length of time taken to brutalize these victims, far outweigh the value of any item stolen and this in itself is therefore a clear indication that these acts are based on the intent to brutalize, driven by motive of hate, which in turn is promulgated by hate speech and hate advocacy.

Genocide disguised as robbery is indeed confirmed as a primary motive when one considers that the robberies occur when the families are present. Indeed, if robberies were the main motive for violent home invasions, one would expect then that robbers would seek to perpetrate robberies at times when it is easiest to complete the robbery quickly undetected. Therefore those who primarily intend to torture and kill European minorities will do so and others who primarily intend to commit a robbery will do only that.

When one of the parties involved in this peace agreement now face genocide, Israel can not be expected to sign their own death warrant when entering into a similar peace agreement with Palestine.


2 comments on “The integrity of THE peace agreement of the century is now at stake

  1. David
    October 9, 2012

    All this said is so true. The sad thing is that when confronted about this the ANC will still blame it on Apartheid or a 3rd force, what ever that may be.
    Regarding the National Anthem, I have absolutely no pride in it. My son (13) asked me the other day what I feel regarding the changes the ANC wants to do to the national anthem, my reply was that I just don’t care , the anthem means nothing to me, I’m only staying in SA because I can’t move to another country. Afterwards I thought that maybe my answer was a bit harsh but then I realized that my kids can see the harsh realities day to day of what is happening. Why the need to lie when your kids are already saying that they want to leave SA when they are finished with school.
    The truth is, the rest of world wanted to see apartheid gone and now that there are worst things happening in SA than 20 years ago they just turn their backs on their creation. Yes I say creation as they fed and supported the demon and now they are scared of the demon they created.

  2. Colin Boolsen - Vorster
    October 26, 2012

    It is with such unbridled sadness that my family and I note the horror and hardship that has befallen our beautiful European people in a place we once called home. That our volk are being tortured, raped and murdered on a genocidal scale was unimaginable when partition was still an option, and we had the means to dictate such. Also, how tragic that the obvious implications of being European on the African continent was manipulated into the Rainbow Nation by treason at the highest levels. And Jesus wept.

    ” Volksveraad” Does not adequately address the issue and although it is easy from the comfort of Canada to advise that Europeans leave, My family and I do so, without reserve.


    Kindly – Family Boolsen – Vorster

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